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Founded in 2000, with more than 21 years of experience and more than 6,000 successful dental implants, we continue to restore and beautify smiles throughout the country with the help of Dr. Eduardo López M., specialist in dental implants.

Our clinic is one of the best in the field, offering its patients a personalized treatment and guaranteeing zero pain.

Now, having a bright and restored smile with dental implants is a dream that is within the reach of many people. The Maxilar Implant team in Quito is here to help you.

From the most qualified professionals to the most personalized service across the country, our patients know that when they visit our clinic they find the best possible dental care. Our commitment to the quality and satisfaction of each patient are our driving force.

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Dr. Eduardo López Maxilar

Dr. Eduardo López M.

Eduardo López Martínez Doctor in Dentistry graduated from the Central University of Ecuador, he began his career in his hometown of Riobamba, opening up the field in reconstructive dentistry and dental cosmetology.

In 1998 he founded the Maxillofacial Radiodiagnosis Center in the city of Quito with resounding success since it was the first institute in the country to provide maxillofacial radiology services together with cephalometric studies, study models and photographic records, even recognized examinations. outside our borders.

In 2000 he dedicated himself to a limited practice of dental implants and the like with a diploma from the Central University and then a specialty from the Metropolitan University of Santos - Brazil
Firma dr. Eduardo LM
Dr. Eduardo López Martínez

The clinic has complete services for all dental needs. It has modern surgical equipment that allows all kinds of dental interventions for the patient and their care. Leadership, innovation and experience have characterized us throughout our career, our team of professionals are highly trained to solve your dental and administrative needs.

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