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The best way to replace missing teeth

At Maxilar Implant, a dental implant clinic, we are committed to patient satisfaction. The loss of a tooth can cause low self-esteem and the deterioration of your quality of life, so we work with enthusiasm so that you can recover your smile.

MAXILAR procedures

Specialized treatments with Swiss dental implants

Your smile can be renewed today at Maxilar Implant. We can help you get your teeth back in perfect condition, this will help you look younger and feel more confident.

implante dental
ícono de implantes dentales
Unit dental implants

Unitary implants allow us to replicate each and every one of the teeth in an identical way to the natural ones. In most cases they are placed at the time of extraction. It should be noted that these attachments never touch or rest on natural neighboring pieces. Current implantology considers first maintaining healthy bone tissue with dental implants, and not persisting in restoring destroyed pieces that constitute an unfavorable infectious focus for the bone, which ends up being lost.

ícono ptótesis híbrida
Hybrid Prosthesis

When a patient has lost all of his teeth and has considerable bone loss, HYBRID PROSTHESIS is the best alternative. Its hybrid name derives from the condition of being on the one hand a FIXED appliance and on the other being very similar to total prostheses, replicating not only the teeth in a natural way, but also the gums, which allows us to maximize the height and the volume of the face. It is also important to note that this prosthesis does not have any material in the palate area, so it is very comfortable for use. One of the advantages is also that fewer implants are required compared to conventional fixed prostheses on implants, that is, 4 in the lower jaw and 4 to 6 in the upper jaw. Many patients have enjoyed this technology for 20 years in our clinic. MAXILAR IMPLANT, dental implant clinic, was one of the first implant institutions to introduce this world advance in Ecuador.

regeneración ósea
Bone regeneration (prior to dental implants)

When teeth are lost and the implants, bone tends to be lost due to lack of stimulus masticatory. There are also patients who have suffered trauma severe in your mouth, in these two cases bone regeneration is indispensable, implying the loss not only of teeth but also of major bone segments, or ultimately bone and tooth loss generated by gum infections, make implantation necessary of bone or also known as bone regeneration, prior to the placement of dental implants. There are 4 types of bones to be considered according to the different cases:

Currently, autologous bones of human origin are the ones that have gained the best reputation in the field of Oral Implantology, for being of the same genetic origin in the first case and being of the same species in the second. After the bone graft surgery, an average of 3 to 4 months should be waited in the case of autologous bone, and 6 to 8 months in the case of human-type bone, before proceeding to place the implants.


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